Dota 2 Update – November 4th 2016

Thе Bоstоn Mаjоr is just оnе mоnth аwаy for Dota 2. Cоngrаtulаtiоns tо thе еight tеаms thаt bаttlеd thrоugh thе Quаlifiеrs tо еаrn thеir plаcеs аlоngsidе thе dirеct invitеs. Whilе thе аttеnding tеаms аnd plаyеrs mаkе thеir finаl аdjustmеnts аnd prеpаrаtiоns bеfоrе trаvеling tо Bоstоn, wе’d likе tо turn briеfly tо thе rеmаining еvеnts in this yеаr’s Dоtа 2 Mаjоr Chаmpiоnships schеdulе.

Dota 2 Minor Update – November 4th 2016

Today Valve release another Dota 2 update and focuses on two things: picking random heroes and reports. Report sensitivity has been increased, which makes a reported user to go to Low Priority queue.

People often abuse the random pick option in the last second and this should be less of a problem now. Three changes have been made for this. In unranked you can no longer go for random hero in the last 10 seconds of picking. In ranked, the last pick per team cannot be random.

The other two changes to randoming are considerably less significant. Repicking in Unranked now works the same way as it does in Ranked, giving you a new random hero instead of letting you directly pick a hero, and you will no longer get the same hero again if you re-random.

Minor changes but prevents abusing of the random option which many people found to be irritating.

Dota 2 Update , November 4th 2016:

– You can no longer random in the last 10 seconds in Unranked or in the final pick per team in Ranked
– Repicking in Unranked now behaves the same as Ranked, giving you a new random hero rather than letting you pick a hero directly
– You will no longer have a chance of receiving the same hero after re-randoming
– Increased report sensitivity (making it more likely that a reported user will go into low priority)

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